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Business Development & Technology Transfer Unit

1.Consultancy Project Forms 2016View
2.EPC-turnkey Project Forms 2016View
3.GAP Project Forms 2016View
4.SSP Project Forms 2016View
5.TSP Project Forms 2016View
6.Certificate of Project ClosureView
7.Customer SatisfactionView
8.CSIR Guidelines for the Technology Transfer and Utilization of Knowledge baseView
9.Project FormatsView
10.Interactive Workshop on CSIR Guidelines and Procedures for ProjectsView
11.Project Proposal for Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)View
12.Proforma for the Eleventh Five Year PlanView
13.List of Project CompleteView
14.Project Proposal proforma for In-House ProjectsView

Patent Searches Carried out by URDIP for NEERI

2.Arsenic removalView
3.Dearsenification of waterView
4.Deflouridation of WaterView
5.Microbial/Chemical desulphurisation of coal oil and petcokeView
6.Methods and materials for C02 capture,storage and sequestrationView
7.Rapid detection kits for water(multi parameter)View